We are Innovative , team work

Respect for authority and community, respect for customers and shareholders, respect for partners and employees.Understanding the value of teamwork that always brings success we motivate, encourage, and achieve goals together.

Safety - Trust

Honesty brings trust in all relationships, transactions, with colleagues, customers and partners. This is one of the top priority criteria of Green Building .

We Love our Partners

Understanding the value of teamwork that always brings success we motivate, encourage, and achieve goals together.


Production Of Construction Materials
Construction Consultancy & Design
Education Of Technology
Applied Technology In Manufacturing
Technology & Idea Development
Residential buildings, commercial, hotel, …
Industrial projects such as factories, warehouses, …
Airport infrastructure, bridges, roads, ports, …
Public projects such as hospitals, educational establishments …

GREEN BUILDING is toward the goal of improving service quality through the application of quality management system ISO 9001: 2008. In all works, we always pay efforts with the highest resolve to bring the highest quality products, on time and satisfy our customers.
At GREEN BUILDING, we are committed to meet and exceed at the highest degree of Customer’s (internal and external) expectation, by:
Consistenly understand and satisfy customer’s requirements – through open, straightforward and honest communication.
Continuously improve the Quality management system through effective synergy of our operating quality processes with aims: “right at first time” and “ prevention rather than correction”.
Adequately provide resources to maintain and improve the Quality Mangement system.
Building the professional working environment in effort to promote teamwork and involvement of all employees into quality management system reaching to the aim of our sustainable development.
Develop human resources through in-house and external training in order to improve employee’s awareness of jobs’ requirements and their competency, eventually the quality management system.

  • 55/2 Road 39, Binh Trung Tay Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
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  • +848.37438128
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